Bodybuilding Weightlifting Grey Ninja Warrior Shoes

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Weightlifting shoes provide a stable safe foundation for training, Most lifting motions require a  precise movements especially those using a barbell.
Good fit for wider feet! We make half sizes for the perfect fit. All trademarked soles are sewn into shoes.

Performance workout gym shoes for specialized extreme sports. Otomix has been manufacturing shoes since 1988. All designs are original and authentic. The Ninja Warrior is the latest design by Otomix. This is a style update to the Stingray with a slightly wider toe box for those that need the extra room. Hide, lock and load the shoelaces behind our new tongue patent-pending design. You can buy specialized shoes for Boxing, weightlifting, MMA, Bodybuilding, boxing, wrestling, grappling, Taekwondo, Tae-bo, Karate, CrossFit training, Yoga, fitness, walking, and much more. The newest craze to hit the gym floor isn't that new at all; weightlifting shoes have been around since the '80s. The first company to create them was Otomix. These shoes were popular when bodybuilders wore those big bright baggy workout pants.